Jun 1, 2010

Man Ray Tribute | Escape Into Life



Adolf Wolf once said, “Man Ray is a youthful alchemist forever in quest of the painter’s philosopher’s stone. May he never find it, as that would bring an end to his experimentations which are the very condition of living art expression.”

Only in the last several decades have we come to realize the achievements of Man Ray. Set to opera music, this is a gorgeous tribute to the artist whose work ranged from photography, painting, drawing, collage, performance art, sculpture, and film. Man Ray stands as a model for artists to veer into the unknown and try many different types of mediums and methods. Perhaps the artist’s name says it all, as Marcel Duchamp writes as the opening epigram for Man Ray’s memoir Self-Portrait in 1963: MAN RAY, masculine noun, synonymous with joy, to play, to enjoy.

Thanks to Kat Ostrow for finding this video!

Man Ray Tribute | Escape Into Life