Apr 13, 2010

Jonathan Meese - Dr. Babysquawar de Rednoselefant - Saatchi Gallery UK


Jonathan Meese, Dr. Babysquawar de Rednoselefant


Jonathan Meese, Gott d'Orange
The Saatchi Gallery

Jonathan Meese

Dr. Babysquawar de Rednoselefant

2003, Oil on Canvas
60 x 50cm

Jonathan Meese is a self-proclaimed cultural exorcist. In his performances, sculptures, and paintings he adopts a shamanistic role, schizophrenically channelling all manner of chaotic zeitgeist and psycho/media debris. In his self-portraits, Meese exaggerates his real-life �wild-man� features, his image continuously mutating through a cast of characters � from demons to divas and superheroes � to develop potential narratives exploring the nature of power, corruption, and contemporary mythology. In Dr. Babysquawar Meese�s form morphs into a raging animal. Less image than projectile explosion of paint on canvas, Meese�s painting contains an unrestrained energy and brutal power; the bright colours and spastic rendering lend sarcasm to this false god.

Jonathan Meese - Dr. Babysquawar de Rednoselefant - Contemporary Art