Aug 20, 2009

If Iran Were America


I thought this was pretty funny with gems like “General Husseino”, and “L.L. Limnitzer”. Here are some Excerpts:


If Iran Were America (And We Were Iran): A Timeline

by J. L. Bryan


1953: Coup in America

Dwight D. Eisenhower is elected President of the United States, a country that receives most of its income from oilfields in Pennsylvania and Texas…


1953–1979: The McCarthy Era

King Joe McCarthy rules with an iron fist for 26 years.  Though initially reluctant to obey a foreign government, King Joe soon embraces his sweeping new powers, as well as the constant flow of Iranian aid and weapons that makes it all possible.  Iranian intelligence agents create, for McCarthy's regime, the Department to Surveil and Vet Americans for the King (SAVAK).


1978–1979: The Christianist Revolution

Under SAVAK rules, large groups of Americans can only congregate in two places: pre-arranged, pro-McCarthy rallies, and houses of worship.  As a result, revolutionary tendencies sprout and grow in churches, led by radical clerics Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Jim Bakker.  With other evangelical leaders, they form the Supreme Council for the Christian Revolution in America (SCCRA), or the "Christian Coalition."


1980–1988: The America-Mexico War

The Iranians have previously maneuvered one of their long-time Mexican intelligence assets, whom we'll call "José Husseino," into the position of dictator of Mexico.  Now they provide their pet dictator with arms, aid and intelligence, and launch Mexico into an invasion of the United States.


1988: Oops…….. via