Jun 9, 2009

Iranian presidential candidate Mohsen Rezai calls for peace

Los Angeles Times

The former soldier and insurgent who launched two of Iran's most acclaimed news websites says he can smooth Iran's relations with the international community.

By Borzou Daragahi
June 8, 2009

Reporting from Tehran -- Like so many of his generation, Mohsen Rezai is a fighter.
Before Iran's Islamic Revolution, he was a member of an underground organization fighting against Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi's regime. Afterward, Rezai helped found and lead the Revolutionary Guard, and he was a warrior in the 1980s war against Saddam Hussein's Iraqi army.


In Iran, disparate, powerful forces ally against Ahmadinejad On the campaign trail in Iran

In Iran, disparate, powerful forces ally...

Photos: On the campaign trail in...


In recent years, he launched two of Iran's most acclaimed news websites, which spoke out against the country's feuding conservative and reformist factions.

Now, he's the only conservative among three candidates running against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is seeking reelection to the presidency of the Islamic Republic. Although Rezai was long a man of war, he's convinced he is the person to calm relations between Iran and the international community.


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