Dec 23, 2008


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7002 from HOTEL on Vimeo.

The vacuum echo of sound silently retreats from the milk bottle manifest. Hidden away in the shadow of light the leading role is cast for unseen immorality as the logic of thought lurks fallow in your cerebral membrane. A milliard bacteria are keeping time to tennis play, drawing shapes in rhythmical sequences under the soles of innumerable shoes. Do you ever think about what that means? How life’s myth gains shape the moment our concluding thoughts stop our senses. Under the screeching sound of hand breaks we translate our perceptions, 7002 is a film made for the unconditioned senses.

In the past Hotel & Duvel have earned their credits creatively in the concrete jungle and in the present they stretch the boundaries of street and urban clichés. They’re responsible for a film that will engage the minds of future thinkers. Life is not linear for those who walk the asphalt with a free state of mind.

7002 had its première in Museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam in September 2007 and was screened at several international filmfestivals. For more information please contact

2007, 10 Min, 35mm, 16:9 Anamorphic

Written & Directed by Ferry van Zijderveld and Jay Sunsmith Sound Design Duvel D.O.P. Lennert Hillege Gaffer Luuk Zonnenberg Production Manager Remke Annnema Editors Govert Janse and Joris van Grunsven Art Director Jaqueline Oostveen and Seabert Deuling Styling SELCYA Food Styling Claartje Lindhout Producer Julius Ponten Executive Producers Sasha Dees, Philip Powel Co Producer HOTEL Produced by Triomf & John 106

© Hotel & Triomf 2007. All rights reserved. This film is protected under national and international copyright laws. Reproduction or broadcasting of (parts of) this film, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Hotel.