Sep 7, 2008

Iranians for Obama

For Iranians and their friends. For democracy and progress in America... and Iran!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Dear friends,
We are promoting the candidacy of Barack Obama for the presidency of the United States.
We will face objections from two camps:
  • The conservatives, who feel that any movement for peace between Iran and the United States implies a capitulation to the Islamic Republic. We believe the exact opposite is true: The American warmongers and neo-conservatives and the Islamic Republic's warmongers need and reenforce each other. Placing the relationship between these two countries on a rational basis will mean an opening up of Iranian society, as the rationale that Iran is under threat of Western aggression is taken out of reaction's arsenal.
  • The leftists who believe that Obama is going to follow more or less the same war-mongering policies as Bush & Co. Although we have grave misgivings about much of what Obama says, we believe that an Obama presidency will mean a qualitative improvement in Iranian-American relations.
We look forward to a dialogue with those who disagree with us. We only ask them to respect عصمت قلم--the purity of the pen--and conduct themselves in a spirit of dialogue. Feelings run high on all sides, but we want to generate light and not heat.
Finally, the logo of our group is designed by Ostad Ali Reza Darvish. You are welcome to use the artwork to further Obama's candidacy or purchase buttons from us. Contact us at