Jun 13, 2008

'A village of solutions' in San Francisco June 21

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by David Huck

On Saturday, June 21st, The Big One will kick off what may be the first of a new breed of conferences aimed at addressing local responses to climate change, peak oil and the ways in which we respond to the changing world around us.

The organizers are setting up tents in Golden Gate Park with the invitation to, "Come engage with fellow citizens, businesses, non-profits and municipal agencies in workshops and hands-on demonstrations designed to create beautiful communities focused on Sustainability, Health, Local Food and Green Economy, Music, Spirit, and Youth Engagement."

This "village of engagement" will be built of tents where organizations grouped under the above headings will present to interested citizens as well as learn from each other.

Unlike other events focused on sustainable community, there will be no talking heads and the event will be "100% commercial free." No selling of anything, including food. An eclectic mix of local music by local bands will be performed throughout the weekend.

The Big One
Saturday and Sunday
June 21st and 22nd
9am to 7pm
Sharon Meadow, Golden Gate Park (next to the Children's Playground)

Participating Organizatios

* Partners: Wiser Earth, SF Bike Coalition, Literacy for Environmental Justice, Slow Food Nation, Global Oneness Project, Café Gratitude, Alemany Farm, National Holistic Institute, SF Peak Oil Task Force, Network for Good, Dig Co-Operative, Global Exchange, Green Music Network, Urban Alliance for Sustainability and many more!

* Live Music: Alan Tower, Fontaine’s M.U.S.E, Land of the Blind, Amanda West, M.J. Greenmountain, Irina Rivkin, The Temple Bhajan Band and others to be announced.

* Food Donations: Acme Food Co., Guayaki Yerba Mate, Arizmendi Bakery, Pacific Coast Farmers, and Veritable Vegetables. Attendees are encouraged to bring food and drink to participate in the city’s largest potluck.

If you are interested in more information or volunteering, see www.beautifulcommunities.org

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Editorial Notes ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

EB contributor David Huck submitted this before continuing his 2650-mile trek of the Pacific Coast Trail. As an Oberlin student, David created and taught a course on peak oil. -BA