Dec 6, 2007

Primer for campaign 2008

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Camapign 2008
Foreign Affairs presents Campaign 2008, a series of articles by the top U.S. presidential candidates previewing the foreign policy agendas they would pursue if elected.

July/Aug 2007

• Barack Obama

• Mitt Romney

Sept/Oct 2007

• Rudolph Giuliani

• John Edwards

Nov/Dec 2007

• Hillary Clinton

• John McCain

Barack Obama photoRenewing American Leadership

"The American moment is not over, but it must be seized anew. America cannot meet this century's challenges alone; the world cannot meet them without America."

Mitt Romney photoRising to a New Generation of Global Challenges

"We must strengthen our military and economy, achieve energy independence, reenergize civilian and interagency capabilities, and revitalize our alliances."

Rudolph Giuliani photoToward a Realistic Peace

"With a stronger defense, a determined diplomacy, and greater U.S. economic and cultural influence, the next president can start to build a lasting, realistic peace."

John Edwards photoReengaging With the World

"We must restore America's reputation for moral leadership and reengage with the world, moving beyond the empty slogan "war on terror" and creating policies built on hope, not fear."

Hillary Rodham Clinton photoSecurity and Opportunity for the Twenty-first Century

"We must get out of Iraq, rediscover the value of statesmanship, and live up to the democratic values that are the deepest source of our strength."

John McCain photoAn Enduring Peace Built on Freedom

"America needs a president who can revitalize the country's purpose and standing in the world and defeat terrorist adversaries who threaten liberty at home and abroad."